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what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

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I wanna make you feel how I feel when I’m listening to love songs.

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I love even the most rotten parts of you. I’d dance with all of them if I could.

"Because the roots mirror the branches, we are blessed to be your seeds."

Sarah Rain Perez

there are just some lines of poetry that will stick with you for all days.

there’s enough bitterness towards love and romance and sexual relations to fill galaxies upon galaxies upon galaxies coming from me, my roommate, her friend, and a couple of my best friends.

there’s just been a very prominent reoccurring theme in all of my conversations and rants, but — c’est la vie, mates.

"You can tell so much about a person by the way they leave you"

Redvers Bailey (via inkywings)

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It happened slowly,
but we finally
decided that happiness
is the part of the
movie where everything tragic happens
but everyone moves on anyway.
So meet me underneath the same sky
that bled with your heart
once you realized no one was coming
back for you after all,
and let’s look for the stars that stayed.
I’ll name them after the moment
I found you.

My robin song,
my springtime siren.

I’ll love you until I forget how to.
And then I’ll fall like my knees aren’t already bruised
from doing it,
and I’ll remember why you’re
worth the ache.


Y.Z, the honey hums to me (via rustyvoices),

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me when the MFA program officially starts.

This past week has been far lovelier than I would have ever expected - I’ve met wonderful people and I’ve even slept soundly in my new bed, in my new room, in my new apartment. Everything that was supposed to feel foreign already feels more like home and I am grateful.

Last night was the first time I woke up in the middle of the night since I moved here - I think it was because before I fell asleep, I thought about you.

I think that subconsciously I started to really believe that when I start grad school, the part of you that lives inside me would die and vanish, or that the busyness of my work would take over and there’d finally be no more room left for you. 

I don’t know why I’m writing this. I basically just wanted to say - I couldn’t sleep last night because I remembered you existed.

"Words are merely what come after love, to placate the emptiness."

The Liquid Plain, Naomi Wallace

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